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Welcome to the Institute for Chinese Studies (ICS) at the Ohio State University! We welcome your virtual visit and hope that these pages provide you with the information that you are looking for! If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Mission: Established in 2001, ICS serves as a center for scholarly research, student training, and public programming about the Chinese-speaking world for OSU faculty, students, the P-12 community, business and government, and members of the general public. ICS focuses on the dissemination of knowledge about the cultures, languages, history, politics, economies, and the educational institutions of the Chinese-speaking world. Activities sponsored by the Institute not only focus on the People's Republic of China but encompass the Chinese societies of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia as well.

Faculty: ICS is home to China specialists from five colleges (Arts, Business, Humanities, Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences) and from the Library.Together they offer a range of courses involving Chinese language and disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses on China. Moreover, other faculty in the professional schools (e.g., College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, College of Social Work, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences (e.g, food science, horticultural and crop sciences, soil sciences) the sciences (e.g., chemistry, geological sciences, statistics, physics education research) and engineering (agricultural engineering, architecture, industrial, welding and systems engineering) are involved in collaborative research with colleagues at Chinese institutions of higher learning. OSU faculty have recently completed, or are currently engaged in, wide-ranging collaborative research with colleagues in the Chinese-speaking world such as the importance of sustainable agriculture, the development of Chinese securities markets, and nanotechnology, to name but a few examples.

Research: ICS covers all areas of China studies with a lively program of academic activities. ICS organizes an annual lecture series and regularly convenes organizes symposia and conferences on key issues, inviting national and international specialists to share their research. ICS co-sponsors events with numerous departments, other centers and institutes and China-related organizations, including lectures, film series, and exhibits. ICS also seeks to collaborate with other Ohio-based universities and colleges. ICS also hosts individual visiting scholars and has been a pioneering unit in the East Asian Studies Center’s annual postdoctoral researcher competition.

Courses: ICS has provided course development grants to OSU faculty in Chinese studies for innovative courses at OSU and for nationally unique faculty-led study abroad programs. ICS also works on expanding access to the less commonly-taught languages of China such as Tibetan, Uighur, and Mongolian. ICS assists in the administration of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Specialization in Chinese Cultural Studies and supports undergraduate research.

International Linkages: ICS assists in developing Memoranda of Agreement with universities in the Chinese-speaking world and helps facilitate visits of Chinese delegations to the OSU campus.

Education Partners: ICS maintains close ties to the Ohio Department of Education and the K-12 community. ICS facilitates the signing of Ohio/China school-to-school and pen-pal agreements as well as study abroad for K-12 teachers. ICS is home to several types of Chinese culture boxes, that is, boxes with authentic artifacts that involve students in Chinese culture activities. ICS also houses the K-12 teacher-developed NCTA web-based lesson plan resource bank. ICS contributes to a speakers’ bureau that includes our staff, faculty, graduate and international students, study-abroad graduates, and Chinese community members who address many different topics.

Government and Business Partners: ICS also cooperates with partners in business and government sector in promoting exchange between Ohio and the Chinese-speaking world. The sister city relationships with Hefei (Anhui Province, China) and with Hubei Province are very active.


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