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OSU China-related Organizations

Student and Scholar Organizations

OSU Student Organizations
Student organizations at The Ohio State University provide students with opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of interest areas. The Ohio State University recognizes the contributions student organizations make to an effective learning environment that prepares our students to live in a multicultural society and to work in a global community. Student organizations serve as a medium for academic discourse, personal growth, leadership development, intercultural understanding, community service, and lasting friendships.

Research on the benefits of student organization membership suggests that involved students tend to perform better academically and are more likely to graduate than their non-involved peers. Students involved in organizations composed of peers learn leadership and interpersonal skills, as well as life skills such as planning, time management, and budgeting. Involved students develop a more robust, supportive network of friends and colleagues that often lasts beyond their college years. The Ohio State University strongly supports a diverse student organization community that contributes to the mission of the University.

A student organization is an association of Ohio State students created for any educational purpose that supports the vision and goals of the University set forth in the Academic Plan and the Diversity Action Plan. There are nearly 1000 registered student organizations that involve thousands of students. A full listing of current student organizations at OSU can be found at the Ohio Union's student organization directory. For a full listing of east asia-related student organizations, please look over this handy list.


AIESEC Ohio State 
AIESEC, pronounced “eye-sek,” is the world's largest student-based organization spanning over 90 countries and over 800 universities. AIESEC is dedicated to building international understanding and cooperation by providing young people with the tools and opportunities to become globally-minded, responsible leaders and connecting them to organizations worldwide for international internship experiences.


Asian American Association 
The Asian American Association was founded as an umbrella organization for all Asian affiliated student groups on campus and its purpose is to promote unity and cultural learning among different nationalities and races. AAA is open to all interested members and will not discriminate regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion. AAA is a student association run by the students, and for the students. AAA highly encourages active participation from all interested members.


Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association 
APAMSA is the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association. We are a national organization that aims to address those issues important to Asian-American medical students.


Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers-USA (ACSE)


Buddhism Study and Practice Group 
The Buddhism Study and Practice Group (BSPG) is a student organization at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The main purpose of the organization is to promote an understanding of Buddhism among OSU students, staff and faculty who are interested in learning about this heritage. To achieve the mission, BSPG provides programs, support, and an environment that would foster and deepen the study and practice of Buddhism at OSU and the surrounding community.


China Oriental Folk Dance Team 
Founded in February 2003, the China Oriental Folk Dance Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing international cultural exchange and mutual understanding through various dances.  Most of our members are from the OSU campus, and all of them share the same dream­—to demonstrate the beauty of Chinese folk dances to the rest of the world. Since the foundation, we have been invited to perform at the Asian Festival, the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, the Columbus Street Fair, the International Festival, the Central Ohio Chinese Spring Festival, Powell Festival, Columbus Culture Festival and many other great events. Dancing is the means we choose to present our culture to you on stage and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our dances!


Chinese American Student Association 
The Chinese American Student Association (CASA) is a Chinese-American culture group introducing students to the culture through activities.


Chinese Culture Connection 
The Chinese Culture Connection is a relatively new club among the student organizations of The Ohio State University. Although inactive during the 2004–05 school year, CCC has been an established student organization for around ten years. It was decided by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature (DEALL) to revive CCC to meet the needs and interests of students interested in Chinese language and culture. Following its first meeting with DEALL, the Chinese Culture Connection has grown to become one of the most prominent student organizations on campus.


Chinese Drama Club  
Purpose Statement: Our primary purpose is to give students who are interested in Chinese drama opportunities to present their talents and to learn more about Chinese drama. Our dramatic performances are performed on stage for various events and are released through the internet to draw broader attention in United States. In additional, this organization is also trying to contribute efforts to Chinese-American culture exchange.


Chinese Student and Scholar Society  
CSSS is a student organization aiming to serve all Chinese students and scholars at the Ohio State University. We want to let you know that whenever you confront problems or trouble, there is help you will find through CSSS. We can't promise to solve all of them, but we will surely do our best. This is a big yet very supportive community.


Hong Kong Student Association 
Purpose Statement: To help new Hong Kong students adapt to life at Ohio State and to help establish a connection among the Hong Kong students here.


Singapore Student Association 
The Singapore Student Association mission is to welcome and serve as a resource for fellow Singaporeans at The Ohio State University.


Taiwanese Student Association 
Purpose Statement: Maintain and improve the well-being of Taiwanese students at the Ohio State University.


Tzu Chi Collegiate Association at the Ohio State University 
Purpose Statement: To carry out Master Chang Yen’s teaching of “Tzu Chi practices with compassion and wisdom, of which the roots arise from its unity (the bonding and the interaction between every individual)”.


Undergraduate Chinese Student Organization 
Our organization is a non-political and non-religious student organization founded in 2004 by Chinese undergraduates from mainland China. Our purpose is to serve for all Chinese undergraduates based on their needs, enhancing opportunities of communication among club members and organizing various fun activities. We also help to spread the Chinese culture, language, recent changes and new developing trends that are taking place in China. Instead of only recruiting from the Chinese community at OSU, we are open to all students with different nationalities who are interested in above fields.


Wuhan University Ohio Alumni Association
Contact: Dr. Minru Li